Pitbull’s Aquaman Song Set To Wonder Woman’s No Man’s Land Mashup

Aquaman‘s Pitbull song is used on Wonder Woman‘s No Man’s Land sequence for an epic video mash-up. One of the most memorable things to come out of the James Wan-directed film meets the most iconic moment from Patty Jenkins’ 2017 DC smash hit film starring Gal Gadot and becomes a viral clip online.

Warner Bros. successfully came back into the superhero film stage with Aquaman, which reunited fans with Jason Momoa’s half-human/half-Atlantean Arthur Curry as he goes to Atlantis to claim his rightful place as the king of the underwater civilization. But while there’s a lot of striking sequences in the latest DC Films installment, the use of Pitbull’s song “Ocean to Ocean” has quickly become a standout, especially with its hook featuring the chorus of Toto’s classic, “Africa,” sung by Rhea.

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Kickstarted by a random tweet imagining what Wonder Woman‘s No Man’s Land scene would look like if set to Pitbull’s “Ocean to Ocean” from Aquaman, the internet delivered by coming up with just that. User kryptoncodex first replied to the main tweet with his own creation, but Nation_7 followed up with an extended version of the video including the now-famous hook. Watch it below:

Since the release of Aquaman, Pitbull’s song has been widely used online mostly for fun. Like what the creators did with Wonder Woman. “Ocean to Ocean” has been used over footage from other films such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s memorable fight between the titular characters and even the animated credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Fans have been digging the mash-ups, although in quite a peculiar way as they mostly describe it as it’s so bad it becomes somewhat good. Despite the negative connotation that some people may associate with the song, the fact that it made an impact and might even pique the interest of casual moviegoers to catch Aquaman in theaters is already a win for Wan and his team.

Aside from the general impression that “Ocean to Ocean” made since it debuted on Aquaman, the song actually has a Fast and Furious connection with Gadot, who was a staple of the car-centric franchise for a couple of films until her character, Giselle, was killed in Fast & Furious 6. While Lin wasn’t able to work with Gadot as he came in to direct Furious 7 (Gadot only appeared in a deleted scene), his decision to use the Pitbull song was inspired by the ridiculousness of the Vin Diesel-led film series which was something he wanted to bring to the DC film. Perhaps the two may finally get to work with each other since Warner Bros. is supposedly already discussing the sequel for Aquaman (although Wan’s not yet signed on) while Momoa’s hoping to bring Wonder Woman and The Flash into the project. 

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Source: kryptonscodex, Nation_7

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