Bumblebee Producer Thinks Optimus Prime Solo Movie Would Be Difficult

Bumblebee producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has admitted that making an Optimus Prime spinoff film would be difficult. Over the last 11 years, there have been six Transformers movies, all of which Bonaventura produced. Optimus Prime was at the center of the first five Transformers movies, but the sixth film was the series’ first spinoff, and gave Bumblebee a backstory.

Set in the ’80s, Bumblebee showed the famous black and yellow Transformer fleeing to Earth after Cybertron is taken over by Decepticons. Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., and John Cena, with Travis Knight taking the role as director. While the film mainly revolved around Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, again voiced by Peter Cullen, still made an appearance in the movie. The character had a very limited role in the film, but Bumblebee is still the sixth overall Transformers movie that’s included Optimus Prime. Now, it looks like he might get his own solo movie, but it might be difficult.

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When talking with Metro, Bonaventura mentioned that an Optimus Prime movie is still an option, but it won’t be an easy movie to make. When explaining the difficulty with Prime, Bonaventura mentioned, “It will be hard with Optimus, he is always right, very stoic and is a man of few words … It is kind of like saying, ‘Lets do a movie about Obi-Wan Kenobi?’ But how much is there to say about Obi-Wan? It is not so easy”.

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With the success of Bumblebee, Bonaventura and the rest of Paramount are likely thinking what the best course of action would be for the rest of the series. Bumblebee was successfully able to integrate more heart and humor into the Transformers films, when compared to Michael Bay’s approach to the series, which basically involved blowing stuff up with a nonsensical plot. While Bonaventura makes some good points about the potential struggles of crafting an Optimus Prime movie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the film is eventually made. Optimus Prime is by far one of the most iconic Transformers characters, and creating a spinoff film revolving around him would likely pull people to the theaters.

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Source: Metro

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