Beast Boy’s Powers May Grow In Titans Season 2

Titans star Ryan Potter has hinted that his character, Beast Boy, may get a power-up in season 2. Titans‘ portrayal of Beast Boy was slightly different to the comic book version, and only possessed the power to shapeshift into the form of a tiger. That was presumed to be mainly due to the cost of special effects, as the transformation was distinctly impressive – but will probably have been fairly expensive for a show that doesn’t seem to have a massive production budget.

The last few episodes of Titans season 1 saw Beast Boy poisoned and almost killed; Raven was manipulated into summoning her father, Trigon, in order to heal her friend. Given Trigon’s stated goal of wanting to literally consume the entire planet, that may well prove to be a massive mistake. When last viewers saw Beast Boy, he was stood next to Raven looking on in shock as he began to realize just how dangerous Trigon could well be.

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It’s been confirmed that DC’s original plans for Titans changed, and that the original season 1 finale was shifted to become the season 2 premiere. In a recent interview with A Book Of, Ryan Potter has revealed that Beast Boy’s powers may well expand as part of that episode. “In the [original] season finale we might see Garfield turn into some sort of aquatic animal,” he hinted. “I can’t say which animal because that’s too much of a give away but he will turn into an amphibious creature of sorts.

The interview was presumably conducted before the season finale aired, and it’s even possible Potter didn’t realize that this scene has probably been moved to the season 2 premiere. As such, it’s an interesting comment, suggesting that Beast Boy will be forced to morph into a new form. This could well be a result of a trap laid by Trigon; perhaps the demonic being will attempt to drown Gar? Whatever the case may be, it’s worth noting that Titans has suggested Gar’s personality becomes subsumed to the animalistic form he adopts. Indeed, in his tiger form he literally mauled one evil scientist to death, an act that has scarred him. Gar could well find the experience of morphing into a brand new creature quite overwhelming.

Meanwhile, this sets the scene for Gar to become more experimental as season 2 continues. After all, if the season 2 premiere will see him adopt one new animal form, why can’t he take on more as the series continues? It’s unlikely Titans will ever indulge in the free-wheeling, multi-morphing style of the original comics; the Beast Boy of the comics switches between countless different animals at speed, and that many transformation sequences would doubtless be too expensive for the DC Universe TV show’s budget. Still, hopefully he’ll become a lot more impressive through Titans season 2 – and perhaps Trigon will learn not to underestimate the shapeshifter.

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