The Inspector General (1949)

danny kaye inspector general comedyAn inspector general generally inspects, that is, they expect him to inspect generally…if they’re expecting an inspector general. But an exceptionally generous inspector general who made an exception and had no inspection would cause suspicion, which in his condition he couldn’t accept. Thank you.


There were three of us who got up in the middle of the night this week with our newborn baby: Myself, my wife, and Danny Kaye.

That’s right, we watched it in pieces each night on my laptop between feedings and spit-ups and diaper changes, but eventually we finished The Inspector General.

danny kaye movie inspector generalI loved it.

It wasn’t my wife’s favorite.

(Ok, yes, some of the songs dragged on a bit, but I defy anyone to fully appreciate any movie at 3:00 in the morning.)

Aside from Danny Kaye, some of you Disney fans may recognize a young Elsa Lanchester, a great comedic actress who showed up a couple decades later in films like Mary Poppins and Blackbeard’s Ghost.

It’s the subtle jokes and running bits that really make this movie worth it, so be sure to watch this one closely…unless you’re feeding a baby. Then you can just check Instagram, force a few laughs, and tell your husband that you love having Danny Kaye in your bedroom, maybe just not every few hours of every night of the week.



There’s a great scene where each city council member individually approaches Georgi (Danny Kaye) and offers him money to look past their fraudulent activities.

Bribery seems like an obvious pitfall when we hold government positions, but that kind of corruption can take on many forms.

We should never feel pressured to endorse something or someone because of personal gifts or favors. Honest men and women do what’s right — no matter the consequences.

Eventually, Georgi is rewarded by a high-ranking official for his integrity:

  • Official: [You’re] the first honest man I’ve met since I left Budapest.
  • Georgi: I couldn’t take this, your Excellency, I can’t even read or write. I have no education—
  • Official: What you have is much better.

“Thou shalt take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.” — Exodus 23:8


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