Made for Each Other (1939)

love marriage jimmy stewartThis movie has to be the best-kept secret of Jimmy Stewart’s career.


I had no idea this even existed until a good friend suggested it. Kind of like deodorant.

It has Jimmy Stewart, so there’s one good reason to see it right there. It also has Carol Lombard, so there’s another good reason. It also has a guy who appeared in a 1987 episode of Matlock, but that’s a terrible reason to take a chance on this or any other film.

I embedded the full movie above from YouTube because the film fell into public domain after the original copyright holder failed to renew its copyright. So unlike some Jimmy Stewart films, you can take it with you.

OH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: The temperature in my home can get a little toasty. And when I watched this movie on my laptop the other night it must have been 98 degrees in my bedroom (Fahrenheit, not the R&B boy band). Now I’m not going to say I did or didn’t cry while watching this movie at midnight all by myself, but it’s very possible that my eyes were perspiring off and on for the entire last half of this film.

This is truly one of the most authentic love stories I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to gush all over this post with my eye-sweat, but I defy anyone who is married to walk away from this movie and not feel totally and completely in love with their spouse.

jimmy stewart marriage movieA lot of movies in this genre tend to end with a dramatic kiss or a big wedding, but that’s where this movie begins. It begins after the fireworks stop and the realities of marriage set in — realities ranging from in-law relationships to the financial strains of being newlyweds and starting a family.

Perhaps the biggest reality that this story illustrates so well is the inadequacies both spouses so often feel as they try to fulfill their respective roles in a family relationship.

But husbands or wives who spend all their time worrying about their own imperfections are missing a chance for fulfillment and happiness right in front of their faces, and that is the opportunity to elevate and encourage the other person from their own feelings of inadequacy, reminding them of your love and your confidence in them.

When we shift the focus from ourselves to our spouse, we become a powerful couple who can weather the storms that will most assuredly come. Couples who lift each other not only endure those storms but they thrive in them, growing closer together and strengthening their resolve to be successful as a family unit.

So if you’ve been having thoughts about one or both of you being “better off” without the other then it’s time to wake up. We are more when we are more. Two individuals totally devoted to the success of the other are a powerful force in this world that can accomplish anything.

We literally were made for each other.

“Neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.” — 1 Corinthians 11:11

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