Brigadoon (1954)

credit: cinereves.comA Scottish village vanishes and then briefly rises out of the mist every 100 years. Kind of like Ralph Nader.


There’s no getting around it: This is a really, really weird movie. It’s not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the anti of kilt.

I’ve also seen the play version, and I can safely declare the movie to be better. No contest. And I mean that literally — I do not believe there is a contest in existence where Brigadoon fans are pitted against each other in a bonnie-bonnie battle between stage and cinema. (But if so, I want in.)

Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, the two stars of this film, did several films together, including It’s Always Fair Weather and that musical number from Singin’ in the Rain where Cyd appears to be dancing while wrapped in an exceptionally billowy roll of toilet paper.

Howard Keel and Jane Powell were originally supposed to be the leads, but it didn’t pan out. Don’t worry, though, they later got together in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers — which is basically the same movie as Brigadoon, except instead of prancing across the rolling hills of Scotland for eternity, they get to live in a cabin in the middle of Oregon with their in-laws.

Cyd Charisse’s singing was dubbed by a woman named Carol Richards. And because I am the foremost expert on I Love Lucy in the North Western hemisphere, I can tell you that Carol Richards played the Native American character named Juanita in an episode aired in 1953.

brigadoon gene kelly

Comic relief is provided by Van Johnson (who, just for the record, was also on an episode of I Love Lucy).

OH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: I don’t go on many hunting trips, but when I do, I wear a suit.

It’s Valentine’s Day this week, and I selected this movie because it unlocks one of the best-kept secrets for producing miracles in any relationship.

Mr. Lundie summed it up perfectly in his conversation with Tommy and Fiona: “If you love someone deeply enough…enough to be willing to give up everything to stay near that person…anything is possible.”

Too many men and women claim to love their spouses while ignoring their heartfelt pleas for change. Often our loved ones are asking us to sacrifice something that could make or break our relationship, such as addictions to alcohol, pornography, or video games — things that slowly sap our perception of reality and replace it with a selfish, superficial substitute.

True love isn’t shown as much in what we give, but in what we give up for another person.

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Luke 12:34

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