Mulan (1998)

credit: www.indiemoviesonline.comA Chinese maiden takes her father’s place in the military and saves an entire civilization from certain destruction—but with a signature song in this film and a championship title from Dancing With the Stars, I think we can all agree that Donny Osmond is the real hero.


Can I just say I’ve always been impressed by Mulan’s effortless yet symmetrically flawless sleeve-to-face wipe during the Reflection song?

The first time I saw Mulan, I was at a drive-in theater with my family. Everyone loved it, though I walked away from the movie that night with a bad taste in my mouth. But that’s because I threw up in the parking lot.

This is a classic film. Hilarious characters, great music and other admirable qualities not only reserved it a special place in all our hearts, but catapulted it into the ranks of other Disney movies that made enough money to qualify for a crappy, low budget sequel.

OH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW:  Donny Osmond won Dancing With the Stars.

credit: architectaroundtheworld.wordpress.comSo technically, Memorial Day celebrates the loss of those who died for our country, but over time the holiday has evolved into a day where we remember and visit the graves of the rest of our dead, especially ancestors.

You don’t have to be Donny Osmond (whose nimble, yet seductive Dancing With the Stars championship will go down in the archives of history) to live a life your family would be proud of.

Mulan was afraid she would never live up to her family’s expectations, but ended up exceeding those expectations—not by replicating what others wanted her to be good at, but by discovering how her unique gifts and talents could contribute to the well-being of those around her.

Likewise, those of us who learn how to let our own light shine through good works will not only glorify our fathers, but will glorify our Father—and live a life worth memorializing.

“I honour my Father.” – John 8:49

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