The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (2008)

Credit: therollingpicture.blogspot.comThe son of a Nazi officer makes friends with a Jewish boy. It’s like The Fox and the Hound, except Pearl Bailey never shows up.


You can stream this one on Netflix, but I’m not kidding when I say it’s unbelievably depressing. I had to watch two episodes of I Love Lucy afterward just to cheer myself up.

If you haven’t seen it, this is a very creative and thoughtful view of Jewish persecution, not an action-packed war movie. (Though I secretly kept waiting for the father to whip out his wand and go all Remus Lupin on the other Nazis, but alas, he was only a muggle.)

OH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: Generally speaking, I think the movie rating system is about as useful as Beyonce’s microphone during Obama’s inauguration, but in this case I agree with the PG-13 rating – probably not one for the kids.

credit: blogs.woodtv.comAfter we finished watching the movie, my wife, Brooke, pointed out that wars often arise when one group of people start to believe they are better than another. Holocausts are born when otherwise reasonable individuals allow themselves to be flattered into the ignorance of superiority.

Too often we apply stereotypes or judgments to a whole group of people rather than seeing them as children of God. And if God, “on whom you are dependent for your lives and for all that ye have and are,” loves all of us despite our differences, shouldn’t we also be able to love one another regardless of religion, race, or reputation?

Instead of buying into rumors and stereotypes, we ought to be more sensible and treat individuals as individuals. There would be no mass massacres without mass misunderstanding.

“There were no robbers, nor murderers, neither were there Lamanites, nor any manner of -ites; but they were in one, the children of Christ, and heirs to the kingdom of God.” – 4 Nephi 1:17

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