Holiday Inn (1942)

Credit: rottentomatoes.comTwo men fight over the same woman — you know, like Twilight without the high school drama, blood-sucking monster babies, or general sense of terribleness in every possible regard.


This is my second-favorite holiday movie of all time. (I’d tell you my first favorite, but I enjoy the excruciating suspense you are undoubtedly experiencing at this very moment.)

The singing and dancing in this one is ridiculously good. And a special shout out to Fred Astaire for that dance with the firecrackers.

Credit: popscreen.comOH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: These days it is generally frowned upon to paint your face black — even if you are singing about Abraham Lincoln.

This is more of a light-hearted musical than a deep-thinker. Still, when Bing Crosby is pouting after losing his girl, his housekeeper, Maime, tells him to stop sitting around “like the jellyfish with the misery” and go take a risk.

Everything that’s good in my life (including my wife, my job, and my Jr. Jazz participant trophies from the late ‘90s) has come from taking risks. Nothing great ever happens to any of us until we try something new. Yes, we usually fail a few times, but that makes our eventual success all the sweeter.

 “Be of good courage, and do it.” – Ezra 10:4

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