The Parent Trap (1961)

Credit: fanpop.comTwins separated at birth find each other and concoct a plan to get their divorced parents back together, all while uttering hip phrases such as “Dirty darn” and “Nothing could be greater, say hey alligator.”


Hayley Mills and the two parents do a great job, but the supporting cast (the minister, the maid, the grandfather, the camp directors) is actually very funny.

A lot of movies like to brand themselves as “fun for the whole family” but usually that’s just code for “this is a piece of crap.” I’m happy to say, however, that this movie actually does have something in it for the whole family, and is probably one of Disney’s best films.

Credit: dfilms.tumblr.comOH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: Ricky Nelson isn’t cool anymore.

It’s one of the final scenes where Mitch and Maggie are alone in the kitchen that we really get to the meat of the movie. After beating around the bush for a while, Mitch finally lowers his pride and says this:

I know I don’t say things like you want to hear, but I’ve been thinking a lot about you, and us, and the way things used to be. This might sound funny to you but you know what I’ve missed most of all?  

I miss those wet stockings you used to have hanging around the bathroom. I miss my razor being dull because you used it to shave your legs with. And I miss the hairpins mixed up with the fishhooks in my tackle box… it’s no fun having a clothes closet all to myself! And it’s no fun swearing because you’re not around to make believe you’re shocked by it. Nothing’s any good without you Maggie, I miss a lot of things…I guess I just miss you.

…We’re going to grow into a couple of old lonely people if we don’t do something about it. 

Forgiveness is never needed more quickly, more often, and more deeply than it is between husband and wife.  We can never be truly happy when we withhold that forgiveness from the one person in the world that shouldn’t have to wait for it.  Marriage is too precious a blessing to throw away in anger. Whatever has come between you and your spouse may not have started with you, but as sure as there is a God in Heaven, it can end with you.

“And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.” – Ephesians 4:32

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2 Responses to The Parent Trap (1961)

  1. Brooke Watson says:

    I love parent trap!

  2. Alicia F. says:

    You have a thoughtful movie watching approach.

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