Pride And Prejudice (2005)

Credit: prideandprejudice05.blogspot.comMr. Darcy loves Elizabeth who loves her sister Jane who loves Mr. Bingley who loves Jane who loves Elizabeth who loves how in love Mr. Bingley is with Jane who Mr. Darcy can’t believe loves Mr. Bingley who loves Jane who loves Lydia who loves Mr. Wickham who loves himself who isn’t loved by Mr. Darcy who loves Elizabeth who ends up loving Mr. Darcy for loving her enough to help Lydia and Jane get their loves back. And then there’s Mr. Collins.


Okay, now watch that clip again and listen to the way Mr. Darcy says “Mr. Wickham” (skip to 1:49).

There now, aren’t you excited?

For any of you Jane Austen haters out there let me just say this: I was one of you, once. When I heard the words “pride and prejudice” I winced – nay, cringed. I equated this type of movie with canned peaches, tupperware parties and middle-aged women asking for my donations to PBS.

I come to you now, however, a changed man. I not only acknowledge its rank among the literary classics, but stand as its advocate in a world where beer cans, ESPN and monster trucks reign. I beg of you — give this movie a chance. Do it for “Mista WICKham.”

Credit:, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: After viewing this movie you may feel an overwhelming desire to speak in a British accent the rest of the evening. Don’t give in.

Our pride and prejudice will result only in misunderstandings, miscommunication and missed opportunities. Whether we are the wealthy conceitedly looking down or the poor bitterly looking up, we must have the humility to not judge others so quickly, for in so doing we may miss out on the greatest of happiness.

“When pride cometh, then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom.” – Proverbs 11:2

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