The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)

 Credit: snarkysmachine.wordpress.comA Presbyterian pastor and a bunch of church ladies go undercover to take out local criminals, a gambling ring, and Skipper from Gilligan’s Island.


My favorite part of the clip above is the fact that she has a poodle sitting quietly in the passenger seat the whole time.

What can I say? This movie is absolutely ridiculous. As a kid it was one of my favorites. And when I say “as a kid” I mean “from age 5 to 26.” It has all the classic elements of old-school Disney movies, and it does the 1970’s proud. Too bad I wasn’t alive in that decade.

OH, SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW: You will be exposed to Edward Herrmann’s pasty white thighs for an unholy amount of time. Those legs will be seared into your memory for years to come.

This movie teaches the importance of connecting the doctrine we hear on Sundays to our behavior the rest of the week. It promotes change. It promotes having faith in doing good. It promotes the courage to keep working at something you want to change, even when the rest of the world tells you to just stand by and accept something you know is wrong.

“Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only.” – James 1:22

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2 Responses to The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)

  1. Alicia F. says:

    I love this movie and it reminds me of my childhood. Oh Walt Disney, how you warm my heart.

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